Things in my brain that need to be typed out.

I apologize for this big ‘ol text post, but this is something that’s been weighing heavily on my mind for quite some time now. So, settle in, cuz this is gonna be a long one…

As I get older, experience more, and meet more people with different values, backgrounds, perspectives, I realize just how important everything that my parents taught me about manners & courtesies really are, and how much difference they make in your life.
From the time of my earliest memories up until last weekend when I visited them, my parents have always reminded me how important it is to be polite to others, even if you disagree with or don’t like them.
Recently, I’ve had increasingly more frequent contact with a certain family member of a certain very important person in my life. This certain family member of my certain dearly loved one seems almost oblivious to his own rudeness, as if I’m the one being rude by expecting him to say “please” or “thank you”…or even “hello”. I guess I should never completely expect anything of anyone, but I wasn’t expecting him rich or poor or gay or straight, I was just expecting some basic human decency and politeness. After going out of my way to help him with a favor he needed of my girlfriend’s grandmother, he left. Just left. He didn’t say thank you, didn’t say goodbye, didn’t say a single word other than “okay”…then he turned and walked away without so much as another word or even another look. I was bothered by that situation for a few minutes, but then I remembered who raised him…my girlfriend’s grandmother, the house of whom at which we are currently staying (only until June 2nd, but that’s an entirely different story). After that realization, I was nowhere near surprised. This woman is the most rude, disrespectful, self-centered, and unappreciative person I’ve ever met. I have honestly met a 3-year old (his name is Xavier and his parents have every reason to be too proud for words) with more manners, respect, and gratitude than her.
Mom always told me that life reflects your attitude toward it (you get what you give, etc.), and in this certain guy’s case, mom was exactly right. I won’t list things that I think have “gone wrong” in his life, because they could be things gone right in his perspective, but I will say that I honestly believe that his situation would be much easier if he were more polite and nicer to people, instead of just complaining about how awful everything always seems to be. I believe that he wouldn’t have to deal with such shady people or have such “bad luck” if he would just smile at someone and thank them for their time spent helping him with whatever favor he happened to need that day.

I’m not trying to be the high & mighty manners king or sound like an asshole that thinks he’s better than others (because trust me, I’m nowhere near it), I just think that a smile and some kind words can get you much further in life than cold stares, blunt answers, and talking to people like objects.
After all, I’ve lived my life politely and gratefully, saying please & thank you whenever possible, and it’s given me a loving, encouraging, and involved family that will support me through any decision and console me through any mistake or hardship, and they make me feel like the luckiest kid on this earth.
It’s given me an amazing girlfriend who has now become one of the biggest parts of my life, and she is as beautiful, kind, loving, smart, sweet, supportive, and generous as can be. She teaches me new things, listens to my endless, rambling stories, and treats me like a literal king, and I make sure she knows how much I love her, every single day.
I’ve also been given a handful of friends who should have told me to go fuck myself many years ago, but they instead have stuck with me through my unbelievably long list of mistakes, bad habits, a few addictions, and some pretty awful girlfriends. Now that they’ve suffered through all of my irresponsibilities telling me only helpful advice and encouraging words, I love these guys like brothers, and I tell them how thankful I am that they stuck through the tough times with me.

Anyway, I guess the moral of the story here is just be polite. Please. Please be nice to your fellow humans. Tell your loved ones how you feel, tightly hug your girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other, call your grandparents if they’re still around and give them your love, tell your best friends that they mean the world to you, hold the door open for that guy at the gas station, say please & thank you to people who do nice things for you or treat you well or love you, because in some cases, if you don’t, they won’t be so nice anymore.

So yeah. If you read that till the end, thanks, it was just some brain rambling a that needed to be visualized. Anyway, good night, tumblr, it’s time for me to figure out how to do laundry while my lovely girlfriend is in Texas, because now I’m officially out of underwear.

This cat loves me <3

I’m not usually one for necklaces, but I’m always a sucker for anything in black.

This yoga business is hard.

This is Nitro, a 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier that I got when I was in 5th grade. I love this dog more than I love certain humans, and I treat him like a member of the family…because that’s what he is. Nothing is wrong with him, I just want the internet to see how happy this pup makes me<3

Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.
Hippocrates  (via childrenofthetao)

In other news, this picture documents the first time that Josh, Harry, & I tested out our lasers with fog…after that it was all downhill.

I miss my mrs.<3


I made a hat!

I can knit things*! Any suggestions on what to make next?

*A very limited amount of things*

I made a hat!

This cat hates me so much.

Ultrabeat - Lullaby (Alex Loveridge Chillout Remix)

Another Ultrabeat remix. Tell me what you think, and download it if you like it!


Earthdance 2013! Tons of fun<3